Daily Food Box

Daily Food Box makes nutritious food accessible and affordable for all. We are going to change the food system, so everyone has the opportunity to eat quality, nutritious, and affordable food.

Daily Food Box benefits:

Fair food prices

Daily Food box with fair food prices

We use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to optimize logistics, assortment and dynamic prices. It helps us work with minimum margin compared to traditional sales channels and provide customers the price of products – 30- 60% lower than in traditional sales channels.

Quality food products

Quality food products in Daily Food Box

Daily Food Box pays attention to production facilities, chains of logistics, and products selected for Daily Food Box. Although food safety standards cover about 60% of food production in the world, consumers may still find it difficult to choose the right product, as standards differ in action, documentation, transparency, and control. 

We analyze and control the quality of products on all supply chain stages. Look products.

Free Delivery

Daily Food Box free delivery

Daily Food Box optimizes all logistics chains to provide subscribers the opportunity to choose the period and frequency of delivery free of charge.

24/7 Nutrition monitoring

Health and nutrition monitoring Daily Food Box

Daily Food Box monitors customer health and nutrition through Daily Food Box App and provides recommendations for its adjustment, healthy cooking techniques, and recipes based on the tastes and preferences of subscribers.

Personalized nutrition

Personalized nutrition from Daily Food Box

Daily Food Box takes into account consumer's goals (balanced nutrition, specialized nutrition, national nutrition, etc.) to select and provide a wide range of nutritional, healthy, and delicious products.

Through Crown Food Group direct contracts with food manufacturers, farmers, and distributors from more than 16 countries we can select and provide a wide selection of products, flexible pricing to our customers based on an analysis of their preferences and capabilities. 

Look Daily Food Box personalized nutrition proposal.

Daily Food Box's challenge is to create a healthy, fair, totally new food retail system that benefits everyone.

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