TuttoFood: unbeatable trendsetter of the F&B sector.

TuttoFood ended but, in our memories, it remains a unique experience not only for the heady and tasty aromas of the excellent foods we tasted but for the communities which have been created and the stories circulating throughout TuttoFood 2019.

TUTTOFOOD is the international B2B show dedicated to food & beverage and organized by Fiera Milano from 6th to 9th May 2019. 

From the ‘new’ natural and functional foods to novel food and agri-food 4.0, intended to reclaim local identities and traditions, TUTTOFOOD confirms and strengthens its role as a trendsetter, becoming an unmissable event for international professionals the world over.

The focus of TuttoFood 2019 was not just on the product but, on the news that the fair carried out. 

Between the Evolution Plaza (meeting area for companies and research centers) and vertical thematic areas (TuttoWine, TuttoDairy, TuttoMeat, TuttoSweet, TuttoPasta) we saw the creation of TuttoDigital area, a space dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies, operating and transforming in this filed, which gives new light to the future consumer experience to be offered to the final customer.

Tutto Food 2019 Digital area

TUTTODIGITAL - ‘digital village’ was an ideal stage, in particular for start-ups, to present the most innovative technological food & beverage proposals in terms of e-commerce, original apps, and the provision of cutting-edge services; and provided digital players with the opportunity to meet with a substantial number of Italian and international sector-specific stakeholders, from companies to opinion leaders and the specialized media.

TuttoFood is an effective showcase for testing innovative ideas and offering important business opportunities. It is a perfect mix of tradition, innovation, and authenticity.

The show is increasingly gaining ground as a real platform to supply the sharing of knowledge and insights into the future of the Food and Beverage sector.

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