Healthy snacks Capitelli

Crown Food Group presents the new Capitelli healthy snacks range in handy individual portion sizes 100% natural products developed for the modern diet in handy packs suitable for any on-the-go occasion.

We source only the finest natural ingredients and treat them with care at every step, ensuring pure and honest flavour comes through with every bite. 

Our pledge is that we do not use any artificial ingredients – no added sugars, emulsifiers, or additives. 

An exclusive Capitelli snacks proposal with countless advantages: 

- A new formats for impulse purchases, 

- Product is always fresh thanks to its ideal weight format, 

- Ideal for Hotels, Bars, Airports, Offices and Gyms, 

- Multi-target: from teenagers to the elderly, men and women.

Capitelli Bars sourced from the very best growers and producers, our Capitelli nut, seed, and fruit snack bars are expertly crafted combinations of tastes and textures and deliver optimal crunch with every bite.

Capitelli Mixed Nuts & Capitelli Mixed Nuts with Berries sourced from the very best growers and producers, nut, and berry healthy mixes are expertly crafted combinations of tastes to boost energy with our naturally nutrient-infused range.

If you enjoy a bit of indulgence with your healthy snack, our sumptuous honey with nuts include decadent deliciousness with every spoon. 

Capitelli honey&nuts mono dose with spoon inside is versatile, on-the-go addition to daily foods, drinks, and any active lifestyle. In a convenient package, they offer a perfectly portioned pack for honey with nuts and berries on the go without a sticky mess.

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