SIAL China 2021

Meet food companies at SIAL China, Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition, and discover how products and solutions from different countries can help grow your business. 

The SIAL China exhibition took place in Shanghai from the 18th-20th of May 2021.

SIAL China exhibition sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China markets and providing valuable market insights, trends, and innovations of the regional food industry, in particular in the meat, dairy, and beverage sectors. 

The exhibition halls represented 21 different sectors including ingredients, meat products, fish, frozen food, organic food, wine & spirits, equipment, and much more.

The rich program of SIAL China 2021 included a wide variety of events showcasing the various products on display, including China National Specialty, Tea Brewers, Cup Event, Chocolate World, and The Fresh – Right Seafood, Right Wine. 

SIAL China hosted a number of forums and summits, including Food Supply Chain Forum, Nutrition and Health Food Forum, Import Food Summit, Global Dairy Forum, International Meat Forum, E-commerce Merchants Forum, China Catering Forum, and Food & Beverage Investment Forum which are in-depth discussions of business possibilities in the new food era from different dimensions and industries, and interpretations of innovation opportunities and paths.

The Buyer Match-Making networking platform made the connection between potential business partners easier and more efficient.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought severe challenges to all countries around the world. However, the more difficult a given moment, the more we must stick together and help one another through thick and thin.

With the pandemic under control in China, the SIAL China food show adjusted the event schedule and arrangements in the exhibition hall.

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